Sunday, February 18, 2007

February 18, 2007 Cary, NC

Rick and I decided to come back to Cary. There wasn’t anything more that we could do while Rickshaw is being repaired so home we went. It was about a 12 hour drive back from West Palm Beach, long but uneventful. We’ve hung around the house since we got back just getting over bad colds. We feel that Rickshaw is in good hands and that we will, hopefully, be back in Florida in a couple of weeks to continue our trip to the Bahamas.

Prior to Rickshaw being "grabbed" by something in the ICW near West Palm Beach, we had not had a chance to update the blog with our trip from Palm Coast, so we thought we'd add that now, along with a few pictures.

On our way from Palm Coast, we stayed in the Melbourne Marina which was great. Another cruiser took us to the grocery story and later we all ate at the local bar and grill, Ichabod’s. Our next stop was the Vero Beach anchorage where we tied up to a mooring ball for the first time. You have to take your $11 into the dock office so Rick got a ride in with a neighbor. Our last stop was the Lake Worth anchorage. Amazing houses and boats line both sides of the ICW. Here are some pictures of the trip. We have had so many dolphins swimming with us this trip, and we never tire of watching them.

Cormorants hanging out under the bridge.

The Melbourne FL Marina and Ichabod's restaurant.

These guys were putting new ICW signs up. Pretty high tech!
Rick's taxi ride to the dock house in the Vero Beach anchorage.

The Vero Beach anchorage in the morning.

A couple of the small mansions that we passed along the way.

This is a boathouse, really!!! The big house is behind the trees.

The shoreline at the Lake Worth Anchorage.

Working session! Yes, we actually have them. Local color.

Unloading fruit in West Palm Beach. Busy place.

Notice the jeep on the back of the little cruising boat we saw.

We'll update the blog when we hear more about Rickshaw's progress.