Saturday, July 10, 2010

New York Harbor to Long Island Sound

Click here to see where we were at Sandy Hook, NJ.

Click here to see where we were in Northport, Long Island, NY

Click here to see where we were in Orient, Long Island, NY, just north of Shelter Island

Our trip from Atlantic City to the north end of New Jersey, called Sandy Hook, was a 10 hour cruise.  We were lucky because it was a lovely day, not too hot,with a gentle breeze, just the way cruisers like it.

DSC03670                                                             10 hours is a loooong time!

For the most part we ran about 3 miles off shore the whole way.   We arrived  in the anchorage late afternoon on Monday, which was the last day of the long July 4th weekend.  Many boaters were leaving the anchorage to head home so we got a good spot. 

We had been told about the fast ferry boats (and they were indeed fast) and that we should be very aware of them.  On our approach to the anchorage one was coming toward us.  We weren’t sure which way they were going so for a time we were heading straight toward one another but the ferry made a bold move to the left so we made a move to the right and avoided it.  I bet they hate ‘little’ boats who don’t understand their routes.

A friend, who has a home in Manhattan, told us that we needed to be very clear headed when we went into New York harbor because aside from the many fishing boats there were also the fast ferry boats to and from New York (coming and going in every direction) and as we would be crossing the shipping channels into New York Harbor we could meet up with very large ships.  We were also trying to time our entry into what is called Hell Gate.  The New York harbor meets the Long Island Sound at Hell Gate.  As the tide turns the water flows westward from New York harbor and eastward into Long Island sound.  It can be very treacherous if you get into it it at the wrong time. 

Going through New York harbor was a hoot!  We got to see many ships just sitting waiting for their berths.  In the background were tugs waiting to bring other ships in, and pilot boats (they actually get on the ships and take them to their berths), ferry boats (like the Staten Island ferries which go to and from the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island) and a mess of other boats.  It wasn’t as scary as we had thought it might be. 

Seeing the Statue of Liberty and the Battery was great.   After we settled down and got the hang of it, we started to enjoyed the scenery.  We will tour New York on our way back south.  Here are some pictures…

DSC03680  DSC03685

   Entrance to New York Harbor – Verrazano Narrows Bridge and LT driving

DSC03689 DSC03690

           Tug waiting for a ship                                                       Staten Island Ferry


                                                                                Lady Liberty

DSC03695                                                                                   The Battery

DSC03709 DSC03713

                       We last saw the Queen Mary 2 in Fort Lauderdale in 2009

DSC03716 DSC03717

  Brooklyn Bridge

DSC03719a DSC03725

            Two Tall Sailing Ships                                           FDNY boat

DSC03729               DSC03733a

  Platform boat.  The four pilings (you can only see          United Nation’s Building

  3 of them) go into the bottom to hold it in place

DSC03734 DSC03745

                                 Cool Sign                                       Hell Gate with NY skyline in background


                                               Riker’s Island Prison – Serious Security Fence

We made it into Long Island Sound with no problems and what a wonderful place it is.  We had no idea how beautiful  it would be.  Long Island Sound is big and wide and just so picturesque.  We are partial to the Chesapeake since that is where we both grew up but must admit that this is just as special.   Below are some cool light houses in Long Island Sound.


This one is called Execution Rocks.  The story goes that in the “Old Days” prisoners would be chained out here, and the tide would drown them

DSC03787   DSC03749






DSC03756                                                             Lots of big beautiful homes on LIS

We had plans to meet with Lynnie’s cousin, Betsy,  who lives on Long Island.  Betsy told us that Northport Harbor was a cool little town close to them.  We took a mooring ball there on Tuesday, July 6th.  That day it hit 102.  We had been melting for several days.  We won’t complain because it has been hot every where so I know we won’t get any sympathy, but that is OK!!  When you take a mooring ball, you usually get a launch service that will take you to/from the boat to the dock.

DSC03759                                                      LT on the launch…pedicure for $20!! 

Betsy and two of her ‘kids’, Ashley and Tristin, took the launch to Rickshaw and we had appetizers and adult beverages and  got to know one another and then took the launch back to the dock and found a great restaurant for dinner.  It was so fun getting to know each of them.  Betsy must be so proud of them.  Ashley and Tristin are just fine, fun, interesting people.  We look forward to seeing them on our way back.

DSC03768                                                       Lynnie, Tristin, Betsy and Ashley 

DSC03770 DSC03772


Pictures of Northport from the launch.  We were staying on a mooring ball owned  by Seymour’s Marine

DSC03775 DSC03776 DSC03777 DSC03778a

                                                 The picturesque town of Northport

DSC03764 DSC03767

                            Sailing school.  All the kids were probably about 5 years old.  So, cute!

Leaving Northport we had planned to stay at an anchorage near Sag Harbor, which is near the eastern end of Long Island.  The anchorage was quiet and secluded and probably one of the prettiest ones we have stayed in so far on this trip. 


Unfortunately, the weather was looking bad for Saturday, which is the day we planned to go to Jamestown, RI.  So, we only anchored for one day there and left early on Friday for the 7 hour trip to Jamestown.  Jamestown is where Lynnie’s dad’s family is from and getting there on our own boat was a dream come true.  More about that in the next blog.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Atlantic City, NJ

Click here for our location in Atlantic City, NJ

We had changed our plans from being in New York over the July 4th weekend to being in Atlantic City.  We just thought that all of the places we wanted to go in NY would be crowded.  Neither of us had been to Atlantic City so we decided it would be a good place to stop. 

We had been warned that there is nothing much to do in Atlantic City if you don’t gamble and that the gambling casinos had not really brought much opportunity (in the form of higher wages) to the rest of Atlantic City.  We also were told not to walk too far from the casinos or the boardwalk as they have a problem with crime. 

We stayed at the Trump Marina for two nights, arriving on Saturday July 3rd and leaving on Monday July 5th.  They assigned Rickshaw to a slip at the end of a very long dock, which was great.  They had live music on the ‘Deck’ of the marina and we were far enough away not to hear them all night.

 DSC03628 DSC03632

                                             Day and night views of the Trump Marina Tower


We enjoyed sitting on the aft deck of Rickshaw and watching the comings and goings.  Because it was a holiday weekend the boat traffic was particularly busy.  We saw several near boat collisions with the strong current in the marina.  Here are some shots we took from Rickshaw.

DSC03623 DSC03625a

      Two mega-yachts docked behind us                Cute Atlantic City Water Tower

DSC03626  DSC03631

There were at least 5 cigarette boats.  Rick called them T (testosterone) boats, that buzzed through the marina for the 2 days we were there.  They are loud and annoying … which, of couse, is their purpose …!!

DSC03629                                                               A Paddle Wheel party boat

On Sunday we wanted to stretch our legs and go for a walk but soon found that you can’t walk outside of the marina casino because it is all just highway.  So, never having been to the Atlantic City boardwalk, we decided to take the Jitney bus over and see what it was all about.  It was about a 1/2 mile walk to the boardwalk from where we were dropped off and decided to have lunch when we got there.  We were seated at a table that was next to floor-to-ceiling windows.  They were mirror-tinted on the outside but we could clearly see the boardwalk traffic going by.  We felt like we were looking at a ‘people’ aquarium!

DSC03604a  DSC03608

With the weather being as hot as it was, these folks really earned their pay.  They are “Push Rickshaws” and they charged $5 to go 0-5 blocks!!  The guys on the right must not need the money.




Typical Board Walk Activities…it was fun to see it all … amazing people watching …!!

DSC03609 DSC03614

The Donald’s ‘other’ casino in Atlantic City.  We don’t know how many he has.

DSC03615a  DSC03620a

DSC03622a DSC03618

                                                   Walking the Boardwalk

Lots of people on the docks told us that we were in a great position to see the fireworks.  So, we had the all-American July 4th dinner (delivery pizza!) and waited on the aft deck for the show to begin.  While waiting we took some pictures of the surrounding casinos…all decked out with lights that ran continuously each night.

DSC03568a DSC03589a


DSC03595a DSC03597a

                       Borgata                                             The Water Club

The fireworks started at 9 pm and it really was a great show.  It went on for about an hour with the boats all honking their horns in appreciation.  Here are a couple of shots.  

DSC03645 DSC03663

DSC03653 DSC03658

                          Happy Faces??                                                              Hearts

We left Atlantic City early Monday morning, July 5, for a 10 hour cruise up the Atlantic coast of New Jersey and into an anchorage for the night behind Sandy Hook, south of NY Harbor.  Next blog will talk about our cruise yesterday, July 6, New York City.  Exciting!