Thursday, September 02, 2010


Click here to see our progress map.  Our current location is at the top of the list.  The pink stick pin indicates that we have turned around and are now heading south.

Yes, we said plural hurricanes.  We left NC to get away from those darn things.  Anyway, we were in Port Clyde for 5 days waiting for the seas to settle after Danielle and now we are waiting to get Rickshaw hauled out because of Earl.  We were reluctant to go south of Portland as it was apparent that Earl was heading north and there aren’t as many places to get out of the way of those big winds and high seas as there are in Maine. 

Today is Sept 2 and we arrived in Portland on Aug 27.  We are having Rickshaw hauled out of the water today (the storm should be here tomorrow evening) but we won’t be able to get Rickshaw back into the water until Tuesday because Monday is Labor Day.  Depending on what the next tropical storms do, our hope is that we can start heading south again right away and get to RI by next weekend.

We have been watching the weather channel and the National Weather Service websites continuously and it looks like NC is going to get wacked by Earl.  We hope that our friends at the coast fare well.  We will keep all toes and fingers crossed.

We have had fun walking around Old Portland.  We even went to the movies two days in a row! 


    DSC05107a DSC05109a

                  DSC05110a DSC05112

             Some shots of Old Portland, many of these buildings were built in the 1800’s

DSC05116 DSC05117

DSC05118                   We got a good laugh seeing these puffer fish in the storefront of an optician

As we were walking around looking for a place to have dinner we came upon a street demonstration in a small park.  We have learned that Mainers are very individualistic and this rally again proved the point.  If the young lady pictured looks like she may be topless, that’s because she was.  She was a counter-demonstrator holding a sign that read “These guys are a..holes.”  We decided against posting some of her frontal poses for fear of offending someone.  As we watched the goings on, a police car cruised by, paid only mild attention, then continued on.  The state motto: “Life as it should be” seems to apply here.

                          DSC05095aDSC05103a                         DSC05105a

                                                 Demonstrators and counter-demonstrators 

               DSC05120 DSC05121a

               We had a great Indian dinner at this restaurant which was well decorated

Since we knew we would be here for a while, we rented a car for the week and took a trip down to Newburyport, MA, an old seaport and ship building town that we heard was a ‘must see’.  On the way back we stopped by Ogunquit and Kennebunkport, beautiful small towns along the Maine coast.



The towns may all be starting to look the same but they are cool none-the-less!


Rick particularly liked this 200+ year old warehouse store because of the floorboards … 18” to 20” wide, with original cut head nails which one won’t find anymore

DSC05134 DSC05137

Ogunquit was a very small artist colony when Lynnie went there as a teenager.  It sure has grown into a  popular vacation spot

DSC05141 DSC05142

President Bush, Senior’s compound and President Bush, Junior’s runabout in Kennebunkport

DSC05147 DSC05150

Just some pics of the goings on at the marina.  This is an amphibious craft called the Downeast Duck which carries tourists around the Portland harbor.  One of these things got run  over by a large tanker in Philadelphia

  DSC05092       DSC05148a

   This seaplane took off from our docks                 The start of the boat haul outs                          

It is now 3:00 on Thursday, Sept 2, and we are awaiting a call from the ship yard to tell us when they will haul out Rickshaw.  They told us it could be as late as 7:00 tonight!  Storm should hit tomorrow late and the whole thing will be over by Saturday.  We’ll update the blog when we can.