Friday, December 05, 2008


We left our dock in Morehead City, NC yesterday morning, 12/4/08. Our plan is to head south to Florida for a few months, joining our boating rendezvous near Ft. Meyers at the end of February and then heading to the Bahamas sometime in mid-March. Our original plan was to leave in late January but our friends, Vicki and Norm who have a boat similar to ours, were heading south and asked us to buddy boat with them. Since we have been spending lots of time in doctor offices, we decided 'why not?'. So, we got things in order and our friends Jim and Nell will be watching the house for us and Nora will be forwarding our mail to us (THANKS AGAIN, GUYS).

We are really looking forward to having company on the trip. Buddy boating is a great way to travel since there is safety in numbers, we can help each other when (not if, it is a boat after all) we have any problems, and they are just great people to be with.

We had a beautiful first day of traveling, but cool...long johns, multiple sweatshirts and stocking caps. We anchored at a small place called Mile Hammock inside the Camp Lejeune marine base. Along the way we were treated to a show by two Osprey aircraft ... the next generation of craft which can fly both like a plane and a helicopter. They were practicing touch-and-go's and buzzed over us. We also saw several marine go-fast gun boats practicing with lots of marines and fire power aboard.

Today, 12/5/08, was a tad warmer but overcast. We ran down to Wrightsville Beach and are now anchored again.

Pictures will be forthcoming, so we hope you enjoy the blog. See you back in NC in June!