Sunday, June 20, 2010

Urbanna, VA

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Happy Father’s Day!!!

We visited the small town of Urbanna 4 years ago on our first trip up to the Chesapeake.  It is about 13 miles up the Rappahannock River, off of the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay.  It was a great day with light winds and the Rappahannock is a beautiful, wide river with pretty scenery on either bank.  We arrived at the Town Marina on Friday after a 5 1/2 hour trip.


We were excited about seeing Urbanna again as we so enjoyed the town the first time.  Unfortunately, the town seems to have fallen on hard times.  The ice cream parlor burned down a couple of years ago and there are several empty storefronts and the one restaurant that we really enjoyed was closed for a private function.  Bummer.  But the people are as friendly as before and, while it has been hot (I won’t complain because it so hot everywhere these days) we took the trolley from the Marina into town (25 cents/person!) and walked around until we were ready to melt.

                               Rick waiting for the trolley….and, of course, the trolley!

DSC03299 DSC03307 

                                              Lynnie taking a rest in the shade…and shopping!


Brenda and Todd, on Life’s2Short, arrived on Saturday afternoon.  They anchored across the creek from us.  We all decided to have a quiet evening on our own boats.

                                         Brenda putting the anchor down 


We enjoyed watching the traffic pass Rickshaw up and down the creek and the view of the creek from Rickshaw’s aft deck. 

                                                    They love their dogs!



         This was a couple and their son and their two dogs.  They were so fun to watch.  The  dogs liked being on the kayaks as much as they liked being in the water. 

DSC03322 DSC03324 DSC03325 DSC03327 DSC03329 DSC03330

          View of the anchorage across the creek.  Life’s2Short and a couple of sailboats.

DSC03320  DSC03321 

                                 A couple of beautiful homes and a private marina


          This schooner was in the slip next to us and took people out for sunset cruises


This morning, Sunday, 6/20, Brenda and Todd dingied over to Rickshaw and we walked into town to have lunch (Todd’s first soft shell crab sandwich) then walked a few blocks up to the grocery store and bought a few provisions.  We took the trolley back to the marina.  We’ll get together for dinner on Rickshaw…dinner compliments of Brenda…then we’ll each leave in the morning.  We will be going to an anchorage off the Great Wicomico River and they will go further up the Rappahannock.  We hope to see them in the fall on the way back and hope they enjoy their travels up the Potomac to DC.  

                       Dead dingy (not ours) on the dock (Rickshaw in the background)


We hope to be in Baltimore by the weekend of 6/25 and will make several stops to anchor along the way.  Hopefully, we will have internet service.  So far, our Verizon air card has worked wonderfully but my AT&T phone has been DOA.  Boo.