Thursday, January 08, 2009

Palm Beach Yacht Center

We arrived here on Monday from Stuart. Our intention was to get a couple of problems in the engine room fixed. We stayed here for several weeks in 2007 and we really have a lot of faith in the guys here. In the meantime, we have discovered a couple of new problems to deal with. If we are real lucky we can leave tomorrow afternoon but it may not be until Saturday. It's a boat!!

We don't have much else in the way of news. The trip from Stuart down the ICW goes through some very exclusive neighborhoods. We took a few pictures of the mansions. Some of the boats in front of the mansions are probably several million dollars. We wonder where all the wealth comes from.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Stuart, Florida with Lynnie's bud Patty!

Yippee, we got to visit with Lynnie's Jr. High school friend, Patty, and her husband, Jimmy. We had such a great visit. We haven't seen both of them for many years and it was fun. On the way, we passed a sailing school which was setting up a race course. It looked like fun.

We arrived on Saturday afternoon and Patty met us at the dock. Jimmy and Patty, we learned, know everyone in Stuart, Fl. In fact, they know the owner of Finz restaurant which is located just off the ICW, in a pocket of water just off the St. Lucie river called the Manatee Pocket. We were a bit concerned about it because it has relatively low water but we got in just fine. On the way in we passed this Coney Island Hot Dog stand which seemed to be very popular. What a cool idea!!

Patty and Jimmy's friend, Frank, the owner of Finz Bar and Restaurant, suggested that we dock at his restaurant....GRATIS, as long as we came in for dinner or a couple of drinks. Of course, we were more than happy to take him up on his offer! We would highly recommend Finz as the food was excellent and the staff very friendly and helpful. Jimmy and Patty live about five minutes from here.

Patty and Jimmy were perfect hosts. They lent us their car so that we could provision. We found the local WalMart, Lowe's Hardware and a store where Lynnie could buy a few articles of clothing that she forgot to pack. What a treat it was to have a car.

Jimmy and Patty took us to their house on the golf course. It is a lovely Florida house. Then we went out to dinner on Saturday night. We met many of their friends, all of them delightful, especially Debbie and Bobby. We know why they love it here. They brought us back to Finz and the boat and from the boat we got to enjoy the band that Finz had playing that night. We did a little dancing on the deck, it was really nice. On Sunday they took us on a tour of Stuart and then we went into the downtown area where there was a free outdoor jazz concert. Jimmy and Patty are both football nuts so we spent the rest of the afternoon watching the games and yakking.

Tomorrow we leave for the Palm Beach Yacht Center, about 44 miles south. It always tickles me (Lynnie) to think that if we were driving we could be there in an hour. It will take us about 5 1/2 hours! We discovered that our refrigerator isn't working with raw water, but only with the compressor fan. Rick ordered a new pump which will be delivered on Tuesday and that, as well as some other problems will be worked on. We like this marina as we've been here before to have work done and they do quality work. Additionally, the staff, including yard manager Paul Gorney, have all become friends and we trust them implicitely.

After that, we aren't sure where we'll be. We need to spend some time working it out, but for right now a day at a time is working for us. From here we're thinking of heading outside down to Coconut Grove and Key Biscayne. Love to all of you!!