Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rickshaw has left the dock! Our departure was a few weeks later than we had hoped but, hey, we are both retired, what else do we have to do? We have learned that living on a boat means that things just break. What worked in the morning doesn't necessarily mean it works in the afternoon. We are told that at any one time there are at least five problems and, hopefully, one knows about two of them! Needless to say, we have been working on some things and updating others!

But all systems are now in working order. We don't have cell phone coverage at the anchorage where we currently are but we DO have wireless thanks to the Verizon air card (amazing what technology brings).

We left Morehead, NC this morning at 9:00 and traveled north 65 nautical miles along the Intra Coastal Waterway (ICW), and are now anchored in the Pungo Creek, just SW of Belhaven, NC. The wine is chilled and we just set up the grill and will be having flank steak and potatoes for our first night out. We plan to spend the next 3 months cruising up the Chesapeake and following the leaves back south in October/November.

We will update this site with info from time to time so that you don't think that we have run aground or dropped off the end of the earth. While this is a blog it was suggested that we don't allow conversations on the site as we would soon be overwhelmed with spam. You have our emails and we hope that you keep in touch. The adventure begins!


Theo said...

Hi Rick/Lynnie - happy sailing. My the winds be with and the wine cooler always full.

Lenny and Pam said...

Hey Lynnie and Rick - we will be looking for you on the Bay next week! I agree with Theo - keep that wine cooler full! Love the site - keep it up. Don't cross the Pamlico if the wind has been blowing 20+ before you leave. Missing you already. Lenny and Pam

Bruce said...

Watch out for pirates!

Ron said...

Lynnie and Rick --- Good luck... I wish we were with you. But you know us retired folks, we have so much to do.

Robin and John said...

Hi Lynnie and RR! Finally you're off on another wonderful adventure. Look forward to seeing you guys soon in Baltimore! We'll bring "supplies"! Happy Sailing
Love Robin and John

carolynandtom said...

Happy sailing. We're jealous beyond words and hope to cross your path somewhere along the way. Meanwhile, ditto to what everyone else said, especially that part about the wine. And the Pamlico.
Love, Carolyn & Tom

broughton said...

We love that you are using a "blog". What a great adventure - write and call often with the latest stories from far away lands (or, err, waters?).

The Broughtons (Allen, Karin, Noelle, Hadley and Mr. K)

Donna and John said...

Hi Captain Rick and Co-Captain Lynnie! John and I just saw the 2nd Pirates movie and thought of you two! WHere are you now?
Have fun and have calm waters!

Jim P. said...

Looks like you guys are having way too much fun.

Nell and I can bring a fresh shipment of wine if you need company :-).