Friday, August 18, 2006

August 18, 2006 Washington, DC (Part 2 of 2)

This was the biggest we saw. It reminded us of a European chateau! It sits about 1/2 mile south of Mount Vernon.

Mt. Vernon, George Washington's plantation, is a beautiful site. We could have taken Rickshaw in to their dock to tour the home but we were tired! Maybe on the way back.

This is Fort Washington. It was the only fort defending Washington for many decades (we read the book!)

The most exciting part of the trip was getting ready to go under the new Woodrow Wilson bridge which connects VA to MD via Route 95 over the river. This is a huge project that has been going on for several years and we were a tad nervous about it. We did our homework and read the updates on the web but were still confused as to which span to go under.

We thought we had it figured out when a red tug turned parallel to the bridge where we thought we were supposed to be!

Turns out we just had to wait for the tug to move the crane and then we had room to pass. We had a high five after that one. Following are a few pictures of the new bridge. The one with the orange pillings is a form where the new bridge will be poured. It was amazing to see it from this angle as the massiveness of it is so apparent.

This is the Alexandria waterfront. Below is a cool picture as I've never seen sailboats 'in front' of the Washington Monument.

Just thought this was a cool picture of the Navy Research Lab.

As we approached DC, National Airport was on the left and planes were coming in over our bow. It was an interesting sight.

We are close to home now!
This is a shot of us coming into the Gangplank Marina in downtown DC where we will be for the next week. Can't wait for tomorrow as we will have 10 family members over to see the boat and go to lunch. Then we will spend the weekend with our good friends. Nice to be home to visit.