Thursday, August 24, 2006

August 23, 2006 Washington, DC to lower Potomac River

Not to worry, we haven’t fallen into the Potomac River! We docked Rickshaw at the Gangplank Marina in downtown Washington, DC for a week while we visited family and friends. Both of us grew up here. Rick’s family has moved to New England but I was able to see my Dad and Evelyn and two of my brothers and their families. It has been some time since I’ve been ‘home’ so it was great to see everyone and catch up with their busy lives. Dad treated Rick and I to dinner then the whole gang to lunch. We also got to see our good friends, Stacey and Geof , and enjoyed their hospitality.

We left DC Wednesday morning to go back down the Potomac River to the Chesapeake Bay. It turns out that this was our longest day on the water yet, 10 hours. It was a nice day but hot and not alot of breeze. It felt too much like work! Here is Rick working...

...and Captain Rick after a very long, hot day!

This barge was taking old pieces of a bridge out to make an artificial reef.

Above is just a view from the back of the boat. The green bouy apparently is a favorite hang out for cormorants.

These next pictures show a couple of the towns along the Potomac River. Most don't have homes of the size in the last blog. It looks like a lovely place to have a home on the water.

We were so fascinated by the new Woodrow Wilson bridge being constructed between MD and VA that we had to take a few more shots as we went under it leaving DC. The first shows the old bridge with the new bridge in the foreground. Only one span of the two new spans on the new bridge is open. The second picture shows the new span without the road!

We took one last picture of National Airport as we passed by on the way out.

The Gangplank Marina is located on Maine Avenue in DC which is where most of the fish and crabs are bought and sold to individuals and restaurants in the city and surrounding areas.

The old Presidential yacht, the USS Sequoia, is anchored here. It is now privately owned and used for parties and weddings.

This is a view of the Gangplank Marina as we were leaving. We sat on the bow of the boat each night and watched the lights of the Washington Monument. It was a great place to be.