Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hanging out in Beaufort, SC

We have been remiss in updating our blog. Part of it is just getting used to the boating routine again. There are so many things to do that we haven’t left enough down time to blog. We have also been working on our boating plans. We are currently in Beaufort, SC. Here they pronounced it BEW-fort vs. the way we are used to calling our port city of the same spelling in NC, which is pronounced BOW-fort, the correct way, I might add!! These South Carolinians just do their own thing.

We have had so much fun traveling with our buddy boat. We love traveling with Vicki and Norm but for the short term, their travel plans have put them on a different pace than we need to be. So, we have decided to part company for a few weeks. Since we don’t have any particular commitments, we will take our time and head south at a more leisurely pace.

Since our last blog we have continued to travel down the Intercoastal Waterway from NC to SC. We have anchored out each night. It has been great. We passed this Coast Guard Bouy Tender Boat on our way. It may be hard to see, but they have 3 or 5 bouys that they are on their way to deliver onto the ICW.

This was a small anchorage in a creek off the ICW in SC. It was quiet and beautiful but very cold. Staying warm in a anchorage is a bit tricky. We don't want to run our generators all night so we run them enough to heat up the boat then turn them off and duck under 5 or so blankets on the bed.

We spent two nights anchored just south of Charleston, SC waiting out the weather. We were in a fairly protected anchorage but the winds were strong and we had gusts of 40 mph. The first night out our anchor dragged and we were awfully close to the docks on the side of the creek. We didn’t get much sleep that night as we kept getting up to check our proximity to the dock (well, one of us did anyway!). The storm provided a beautiful rainbow, actually a double rainbow, the next day. You can't see the entire rainbow in the picture but it was a treat to see.

You know you are in South Carolina when begin to see palm trees and all the Spanish moss hanging from the trees. Beaufort is such a lovely little town. Lots of history and beauty. The four of us took a long walk in the historic district. There are lots of small restaurants and shops.

The town has put a beautiful park near the marina. Norm, Vicki, Rick and I took advantage of the swings looking over the water. What a cool place. We'll probably be here a couple more days just hanging out and doing chores.