Wednesday, February 04, 2009

STILL Hanging out in Marathon

It has been a few days more than 2 weeks since we came to the marina in Marathon. Since then we have been getting lots of boat chores done. We've also been riding our bikes and doing a lot of walking.

The weather has been wonderful but we have had several fronts come through. We had a huge storm on Monday evening with driving rain and winds of 40 knots. We lost our NC flag and several of the boaters lost things from their boats. There is another front coming in today which will kick up the seas again. That means that we can't leave here for a while. We had hoped to go to the Dry Tortugas before making our way to the DeFever rendezvous on the west coast of Florida but I guess we'll just have to see if we have enough time. Boating is all about waiting out the weather.

When we went to Key West last week we noticed that there are chickens and roosters walking all around the town. Apparently, they are a staple part of Key West. There was some talk about doing away with them but the locals didn't want that. Anyway, our friend Bob stopped the car on the way home to get the following picture. Funny!