Saturday, June 12, 2010

More Pictures from Ocracoke

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We got a golf cart yesterday (Thursday) and tooled around the town.  It is a small town full of shops and restaurants and, of course, the Ocracoke Lighthouse the oldest lighthouse on the Outer Banks.  When we got the golf cart, the guy reminded us that you can get a DWI driving a golf cart!  There was another guy on the docks who said that there is also a NC law that you can get a DWI on a llama!!  Guess we won’t have to worry about that one.   


We couldn’t go up into the lighthouse but we could go into the first floor.  The markings on the brick wall show where the original wooden steps were built into the wall.

DSC03178a DSC03180aDSC03177a

Looking up!


Lighthouse keeper’s house, which is now privately owned, and beautiful Live Oaks.


There are a number of cemeteries on the island.  This one was interesting.  It holds the remains of the seaman on a British ship that was helping patrol the east coast of the US  in WWII.  It was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine.  Only four bodies were ever recovered .  It is maintained by the Ocracoke Coast Guard Station. 

DSC03189 DSC03192

We ate dinner at a wonderful restaurant called the Back Porch Grill.  This cool winged horse was in the front yard.

 DSC03201a DSC03203

Back to Rickshaw after dinner.  The first is a view of Silver Lake, which is where the marina is.  The second is of gulls on the dock lights.



A couple of shots of Rickshaw at dock sporting her new bimini.

DSC03206 DSC03211a

Off to Manteo tomorrow…a long 8 hour day.