Monday, January 15, 2007

January 15, 2007 At anchorage in New River, SC

We covered 63 miles today, about 7 hours. We had planned only half that many miles but there is a cold front moving in and the weather guys are expecting 25 - 35 mph coastal winds starting tomorrow afternoon so we thought we better hurry up. So tomorrow we plan to be safely in a marina at Kilkenny Creek. We had several random pictures that we wanted to share. Rick and I took a walk down the street leading to Wacca Wache marina a few days ago.

This little guy was waddling down the street and stopped for Rick to take his picture. He literally froze, so Rick assumed he might have thought it was a gun or something. Then he happily went on his way!

The tidal range where we were anchored last night is about 4 feet. We are used to more like 1-2 feet. We checked the tide table and did the math, finally anchoring in 10' of water, which would give us about 2' under the keel at low tide. So we discovered tides are analog systems as well ... they're close, but not necessarily dead on. Rickshaw hit the mud and the low water alarm kept beeping until the tide turned at 11:30 last night, but since we were at anchor no harm done. Another lesson learned. This is a picture of the mud flats as a result of the receeding tide.

More pictures of the birds behind the boat.

These are vultures drying their feathers.

South Carolina palm trees.

The Charleston bridge raising behind the Battery...old and new!!

More Battery homes. We read that the small ones start at a $1 million and the larger ones go for $7 million! View of one of the streets of the Battery from the water.