Wednesday, January 17, 2007

January 17, 2007 Kilkenny Creek Marina, GA

The last few days we’ve been meandering south from Charleston, SC where we spent one night. We had a planned set of anchorages heading south toward St. Simons, Island where we are going to visit Rick’s 1st grade buddy. Of course one can only execute such a plan based on short term weather. As we always do, we listen to the National Weather Service on the VHF radio daily. Hearing that a cold snap was coming along with 20 – 30 mph winds, and rain were headed our way, we moved the plan ahead. So we anchored on the next night and then ran the following day to a little marina we had visited when we brought the boat home. The weather guys are again right … it’s cold and very windy.

We will be in this marina for two days, waiting out the weather. The wind is blowing hard and the rain is coming. So we decided to have a down day in this marina in North Georgia, in a funky little creek called Kilkenny, behind Ossabaw Island, GA! The cool thing about this marina is that it probably hasn’t changed in 100 years, I’m not sure if that includes the docks. There are live oak trees with Spanish moss hanging on them that look to be hundreds of years old.

This morning when I woke up I looked out and saw about 30 or so hunters on the dock, all decked out in their hunting gear, their dogs, a few kids and loads and loads of stuff that looked like it was for camping (except for the guns!). Rick went up and talked to them and they told him they were going ‘wild boar’ hunting on Ossabaw Island until Sunday. Now, it is freezing here, and the rain is coming but these guys are given the date based on a GA State quota system, and they can go do this fun thing, only on the dates they are given by applying almost a year in advance, so they have to go no matter the weather. So, there are whole families going off on this adventure. Yikes! I guess just different kinds of hobbies.

The other weird thing is that last night Rick woke up at about 1:00 am to see a flashlight being shined all over the boat. Then they came back after 2:00 am. This isn’t the kind of marina that has “uniformed security guards.” In fact, it is a rickety, old, very small marina and except for several small boats we are the only ones here! I didn’t wake up for that but Rick felt real uncomfortable and stayed up for a bit. He thought that someone was thinking about breaking in. Oh well! Always exciting.

The winds are now blowing at 25-30 mph. All in all, a good day to be safe and warm at the marina. One of us did boat chores, the other gave herself a manicure and pedicure!

(Ed:Rick: So today I worked on a few little items that had been on “the list” for some time. After wrestling with the heating system to bring forth warmth, I managed to fix two things and only broke one … so, I guess I’m winning … for the moment.)