Friday, July 30, 2010

Seals!!! Boothbay Harbor, ME

Click here to see our location in Boothbay Harbor

We had a marvelous day of cruising from Portland to Boothbay Harbor.  It was just picture perfect.  We had been to Boothbay when we took a driving tour of Maine in 1997 and then we came back with Vicki and Norm on their boat, Tide Hiker in 2008 and were looking forward to seeing it on Rickshaw.  What a lovely place.

The coolest thing is that we saw our first seals on Tuesday on the way to Boothbay Harbor.  At first we thought they were lobster floats but as we got closer to them we saw that they had eyes.  They were just checking us out and and swam away. 

We have had cool weather, warm sun and calm seas.  What more could you ask for?  So, we decided to moor here for a few days.  Our next stop is Rockland, ME.  We had hoped to meet our friends, Phil and Barb, from Raleigh who were going to cruise with us for a week.  However, their son and daughter-in-law, had a new grandbaby 5 weeks early!  So, they get to go have fun with the new baby in Chicago…we will miss traveling with them.

Boothbay is a touristy town but hanging out on a mooring ball in the harbor is wonderful.  They have plenty of space for boats 50’ and longer on the moorings but most of them are sailboats.  Since we are a trawler, we weigh a lot more than most sailboats.  That is only interesting if a storm is coming in.  Sailboats turn into the wind at a different rate than we do because of our weight (50,000 pounds).  Last night a storm was expected and, sure enough it did come in, so we were up several times checking how close we were to the the other boats.  We were pretty concerned several times because we got so close to the next sailboat that we could have walked onto it!  Consequently, today was a nap kind of day.

So, here are a number of  pictures that we took along the way to and into Boothbay Harbor.  

DSC04188 DSC04203

              Halfway Rock …halfway to ?????             The rocky shores coming into Boothbay

DSC04205 DSC04206

                                                These shores are typical of the Maine coast

DSC04208 DSC04213 DSC04219 DSC04221

   A great dinner overlooking Boothbay Harbor     We like the last sign best…says it all!

DSC04223 DSC04225

                 These pictures were taken just tooling around the harbor in the dingy

DSC04226 DSC04228

DSC04231  DSC04240a

These and the following pictures were taken from the aft deck of Rickshaw. It is hard to get a bad shot!  For those of you who noticed, that is a lobster pot in the mooring field.  What idiot lobsterman puts pots in a mooring field?  Apparently, lots of them!!

DSC04233 DSC04239 DSC04243 DSC04244

                                Kayakers                                            Hard to see but our first picture of a seal

DSC04245a  DSC04257a


We dingied into town this morning and walked across this foot bridge for breakfast .  Then LT got a pedicure!  Ah, the important things in life. 

Tomorrow we leave for Rockland where we will get our mail and some other essentials.  More on that next.