Friday, July 23, 2010

York, ME

Click here to see our location in York Harbor

We finally made it to Maine!  Our first stop was in a pretty, small harbor called York Harbor on the York river. 

But let me back up…we left Salem, MA on Wednesday, July 21.  It was a picture perfect morning, as you can see by the picture below, but we could see as we looked out towards the ocean that fog was coming in.

DSC04077                                             Fishermen and the seagulls waiting for the spoils!

We gained some experience with fog when we came to Maine a few years ago to cruise with Vicki and Norm aboard Tide Hiker and had hit some fog on our way here this time, so we weren’t too concerned.  But it is amazing how thick it can get so quickly and pretty soon we weren’t able to see much farther than the front of the boat.  We have an automatic fog horn that sounds every 2 minutes, so we turned that on and slowed way down.  Lynnie watched for lobster pots and Rick kept the boat on course using the navigation software and radar.  Once we got out into the Atlantic it cleared up and turned back into a pretty day.

The York River is south of Kennebunkport.  The town of York is a charming little town with many B&B’s and Inns, some of whose buildings date back to the 1700’s, and a historic district.   There are lots of beautiful huge homes with the most amazing gardens. 

We docked Rickshaw at Donnell’s Marina.  This is actually a 60 foot pier that runs behind Mr. Donnell’s house!  He is 93 years old and actually built the dock many years ago.  He came down and helped us with the lines and getting the power attached.  He is the most charming man and took us into town to go to the grocery store, gave us a tour of the town and also took Lynnie to get a pizza, since they didn’t deliver.  We enjoyed talking to him and hearing about his life and growing up in York.  We also enjoyed walking around town and seeing the beautiful old homes.  There was a small Yacht Club next to us and we had so much fun watching the little kids take their sailing lessons. 

DSC04082 DSC04084a

                          Many of the larger homes are now Inns and B&Bs

DSC04085 DSC04087a

        Breakfast at the Bagel Basket                                    The Historic district

DSC04089 DSC04090 

                                                          The gardens are just so lush! 



                           Local Color




                LT and Mr. Donnell                                                                 Donnell’s Dock

DSC04080a DSC04093

            Sailing school                                                     York Harbor

DSC04095 DSC04097

                                                         More views of York Harbor

We stayed on the dock for two nights.  This morning, Friday, July 23, we woke up to temps in the high 60’s!  It was absolutely wonderful.  We left York Harbor bound for the Saco (“Sock-o”)  River.  We have heard that it is a beautiful river and are looking forward to a couple of days exploring the small town and just hanging out. 

We also look forward to seeing Mr. Donnell on our way back south.  More on the Saco River in the next blog.