Tuesday, August 03, 2010

More of Belfast

We really didn’t get to see much of Belfast yesterday, except for the laundromat and the co-op next door, which is very similar to Whole Foods.  We woke up this morning to rain and a bit of fog and decided that since we could, we would just hang out here for another day.  We had a lazy morning then took the dink into Belfast for a more thorough ‘look’ at the town and lunch. 

One of the things we like most about this little town is that they have all kinds of art and historic info as you walk the main street.  Much of the art is to be used…like a myriad of different kinds of bikes for kids to ride.  We saw many kids enjoying them (ages 4 – 65, RRT). 

So, here are some additional pictures of what the books call an ‘original’ Maine town.  We sure did enjoy it.

DSC04353a DSC04354

                Downtown Belfast                             Lobster Bike…just for tourists!


Note the custom cut curved stone curbing.  It was on all the streets.  Not sure if this is unique to Maine, but it is interesting anyway.

DSC04356a                                                                               A Knot Board


                                Downtown                                                        The Welcome Center

 DSC04363              This was sort of a strange piece of art…   refrigerator doors with the magnetic word   game where anyone can make different phrases

DSC04364a DSC04365a

           LT window shopping                          Rickshaw in the harbor

DSC04366a DSC04367a 

                                         Bears are big here in Belfast!

Our plan is to leave in the morning but we will wait to see what the weather brings.  We are supposed to have thunderstorms tonight so maybe they will push out the bad weather.  We shall see!