Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hudson River Trip

Click here to see our progress map.  Our current location is at the top of the list.  The pink stick pin indicates that we have turned around and are now heading south.

We left Liberty Landing Marina in New York Harbor to go up the Hudson River on Tuesday, 9/21.  Our plan was to see the changing leaves along the Hudson and take two days going north to Kingston, NY and then 2 days back to Sandy Hook, NJ to wait for good weather for our trek along the coast of NJ.

Unfortunately, mother nature wasn’t cooperating in the leaf changing department!  But it was a beautiful cruise nonetheless and we were very glad we made it.

DSC05486_thumb[1] DSC05489a_thumb[1]

Lots of cool bridges to go under, the first was the George Washington Bridge

DSC05491_thumb[1] DSC05493_thumb[2]

                                                       The Palisades on the western shore


Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, NY.  We heard this is where the term ‘going up the river’ (up the Hudson) came from

DSC05506_thumb DSC05507_thumb

                                              Bear Mountain and Bear Mountain Bridge

The Hudson is very wide in parts and we felt like we had the whole river to ourselves.  On both shorelines, the trains run to and from NYC and beyond.  It is interesting to see the commuter trains as when they are going northbound, the engine pulls the train but when they are going southbound, the engine pushes the train!  It is sort of strange to see this arrangement.

DSC05510_thumb                                                                      Notice the train tunnel


Here was the one tree that was actually following the calendar!  It must be breathtaking to see all of them in their fall colors

DSC05518_thumb We only encountered 2 barges on the river in two days

DSC05522_thumb DSC05524a_thumb


Just a few of the many homes along the hills.  The people who own some of these large mansions are credited with helping to clean up the Hudson.  They didn’t want their views spoiled!

DSC05525_thumb DSC05529_thumb

Seeing West Point was exciting.  We really had no idea what to expect.  The Coast Guard vessel was “on guard” and moved out into the river as we approached just to show presence.

DSC05530_thumb DSC05531_thumb

It is made up of an imposing number of historical buildings the first of which was built in 1802


                                                                        And, of course, rivalries!


We stayed one night in a marina in the town of Newburg, NY, just beyond these hills in the distance.  It was the most rolly place we had been in yet

DSC05538_thumb DSC05541_thumb

This is Pollepel Island where a Scottish immigrant built a medieval fortress in the early 1900’s, now in ruins

DSC05543_thumb DSC05547_thumb

A backwards look, just beautiful          Lynnie taking in the Palisades on the return

DSC05551a_thumb DSC05553_thumb

We stopped in a marina at Sandy Hook, NJ to get fuel.  The photographer relaxing and snapping pictures of work boats working on a bridge down the river

Yesterday, Sunday 9/26, we left Sandy Hook for the 10 hour ride in the Atlantic down the Jersey shore to Atlantic City.  We knew the weather wasn’t going to be the greatest because of the low pressure system coming up from the southeast.  Needless to say, it was a very long day in very lumpy seas and we were glad to get to Atlantic City just as it started to rain in earnest.  Now we just have to wait for the weather to clear up a bit to leave for Cape May and the Delaware Bay.  It is looking like Thursday is our day.   We’ll report on that later.